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Building the road to Universal Peace and Prosperity

Searching out, investigating and promoting, unique products, services and opportunities (treasures) that that we believe can enhance happiness.

Happiness is a choice...

A choice to see the glass half full rather than half empty.

A choice to be grateful for what we already have.

A choice to be significant and make a difference by helping others.

A choice to be active in the shaping of our lives

A choice to avoid the "small errors in judgement, repeated over time" (Jim Rohn's definition of failure) that lead to procrastination, inefficiency, failed achievement and regret. 

Because happiness is a choice, it requires that we feel in control, and that is enhanced by good health (physical, mental, spiritual, financial, relational) and a sense that life provides at least some degree of fairness and justice.

With the above in mind, Happy Treasures seeks out, researches and promotes "Treasures" (unique, quality, little known products, services and opportunities) that can enhance happiness.

Building the road...

We believe that happiness is an attitude and a choice, but we also believe that the choice is easier to make and the attitude easier to achieve, when we feel we have positive control over our finances, our health and our relationships. We further believe that our happiness cannot be complete without the happiness of others. Indeed, especially in this day and age of globalization and technology, one unhappy person can cause grief for all of us.

We believe that education is critical. Formal education (which can be supplemented and/or improved) is important initially, but a commitment to lifelong learning and personal development can be a real highway for us on our search for peace, both within ourselves as well as throughout the world.

As we learn how to have healthy bodies, minds, spirits, finances and relationships, and as we share our knowledge and insight with each other, we can start to build a new world for ourselves. 

(“Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace and gratitude.” -- author unknown)

Before we tackle the 6 categories we have outlined, we want to acknowledge the fact that there is an interdependant relationship between all the categories. Improving any one of the categories will have an effect to improve the others, some more so than others and some more directly than others. Furthermore, each category is affected by multiple factors. It is not our goal to write a book for each catagory, but to provide resources and try to simplify things into a manageable plan of attack.

Physical Health

Good physical health (the health of your body) makes it easier to be productive and work towards your goals. Poor physical health can be a significant barrier that can challenge your happiness.

Mental Health

Good mental health (the health of your mind) may be the most critical piece, as your thoughts lead to your actions which lead to your results. Nothing can replace a positive mental attitude in your quest for happiness, 

Spiritual Health

Some may debate the existence of a spirit separate from the mind. My purpose here is not to take up that debate. I define your spirit as that part of you that makes you YOU. It includes your beliefs, which lead to your thoughts, that lead to your actions, that lead to your results.

Relational Health

The health of our relationships, whether with a significant other, children, siblings, parents, or other family or friends, or co-workers, or anyone else, has a significant impact on our happiness. 

Financial Health

Money does not buy happiness, but if you are struggling to pay your bills month after month, that can challenge your happiness.

Fairness and Justice

We have all heard that "Life is not fair". However, having a sense that there is some fairness and justice in the world and that we have some control over our lives is very helpful towards our goal of happiness.